About us

SHARES is a research project of the Amsterdam Center for International Law, a leading research center within the University of Amsterdam. It is funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant of 2.1 million euro, obtained in 2010 by Professor André Nollkaemper.

The Project

The SHARES Project examines an unexplored and largely unrecognised problem: the allocation of international responsibility among multiple states and other actors. It uncovers the nature and extent of the problem of sharing responsibility in an increasingly interdependent and heterogeneous international legal order. The Project produces output, offering new concepts, principles and perspectives for understanding how the international legal order may deal with shared responsibility. The SHARES Conceptual Framework Paper can be found here. See here for an introduction to shared responsibility by Professor André Nollkaemper. The Project runs until the end of 2015.


The SHARES Project is led by Professor André Nollkaemper. The Project Team is further composed of two post-doctoral researchers (Dr Maarten den Heijer and Dr Ilias Plakokefalos) and seven PhD candidates addressing the following topics:

Christiane Ahlborn – the responsibility of states for acts of international organizations

Kathryn Greenman – shared responsibility for the conduct of non-state armed groups

Nienke van der Have – the obligation to prevent gross human rights violations

Emma Irving – the responsibility for the protection of persons before international criminal tribunals

Erik Kok – complicity/participation

Nataša Nedeski – shared obligations in international law

Isabelle Swerissen – responsibility and burden sharing agreements in international refugee law

In October 2015, Dr Bérénice Boutin completed her PhD on the allocation of responsibility in military operations. The Project Team is further composed of a junior researcher, Jessica Schechinger, and a project manager, Martine van Trigt.