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Dov Jacobs is Assistant Professor of International Law at Leiden University. He was part of the SHARES Project as a Postdoctoral Researcher during the first year of the Project, in which he actively contributed by laying down the conceptual basis of … Read more

26 September 2013

LGBT Rights in Uganda: a case study of Shared Responsibility?

Discrimination against homosexuals and lack of recognition of LGBT rights in Africa has been a pressing concern for a number of human rights organizations in recent years. The situation in Uganda has received particular attention, following the passage of anti-gay legislation in 2009 and the practice of some local newspapers to “out” certain homosexuals, accompanied by calls for their execution. While this is an obvious human rights issue, some recent initiatives are bringing the question in the realm of international criminal law, which bring to the fore interesting questions in relation to shared responsibility. (more…)

11 April 2011

Ivory Coast and Shared Responsibility: Is Everybody Responsible?

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Ivory Coast is quickly becoming a political nightmare. Indeed, with the evidence of crimes being committed by Gbagbo forces, as well as by Ouattara’s supporters, the international community is faced with a dilemna: if it turns out that Ouattara is indeed condoning such actions, how can he be supported by the world community, if it is to be consistent with calls for removal of other leaders who have alledgedly been involved in such situations, such as Khadafi in Libya? The result of such consistency would however be a political vaccum that might create more chaos in the country.

Beyond this political dimension, the situation raises interesting issues of Shared Responsibility. In her previous post, Bérénice considered the Shared Responsibility of France and the UN in Ivory Coast. One issue that needs to be considered in addition to that is the question of the responsibility for the crimes being committed on the ground, by both sides, which is even more complex.


1 April 2011

Business, Human Rights and Shared Responsibility

On the 21 March 2011, after six years of research, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations issued its final report which includes its guiding principles on Business and Human Rights. The general idea of the guidelines is to guarantee the implementation of the UN “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework. In this sense, the guidelines are a combination of references to “hard rules” and recommendations to improve prevention of violations of human rights.

A few brief points of interest, both in general and in relation to Shared Responsibility. (more…)