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Maarten is Assistant Professor of International Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a post-doctoral researcher in the SHARES Project. His research themes include international and European asylum and immigration law, human rights and state responsibility. Maarten holds degrees in … Read more

7 February 2012

Who’s responsible for protecting terrorist suspects?

In its recent judgment in Othman, the European Court of Human Rights held that the United Kingdom could not expel a Muslim cleric suspected of ties to Al-Qaeda to Jordan. The judgment is of interest for our SHARES project, as the Court on the one hand cautions against international cooperation in the sphere of extradition of terrorist suspects – stressing the responsibilities under human rights law of expelling States – but on the other hand urges States that definitely wish to expel or extradite to do so only in close cooperation with receiving States so as to protect against maltreatment and to ensure a fair trial.


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