7 October 2011

Expert Seminar: Shared Responsibility in International Environmental Law

The Expert Meeting will address the allocation of responsibility in respect of environmental protection.

Transboundary environmental harm is the archetypical problem of shared responsibility in that it invites an application of principles of joint and several or proportionate responsibility. But the number of claims that has actually led to the application of such principles is very limited, especially in the context of traditional enforcement mechanisms. Rather, states have laid down in a series of treaties how responsibility for transboundary environmental harm is to be shared. Such arrangements differ for different environmental problems, such as climate change, transboundary air pollution and transboundary movement of hazardous wastes and chemicals.

The seminar is organized with a view to map primary rules in the area of international environmental law.

On the basis of the presentations and discussions during the meeting, a report will be prepared on issues of shared responsibility in the context of environmental law that is made publicly available on this website.

The seminar is open to expert academics and practitioners. If you’re interested to participate, please contact Isabelle Swerissen.

Find the final Programme for the seminar here.

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