Expert Associates

The SHARES Project has collaborated with Expert Associates who have contributed, through working papers and/or research stays, to the project. Former Project Members are also among these Expert Associates.

Jean d’Aspremont


Jean d’Aspremont holds the chair of Public International Law at the University of Manchester, and is also affiliated with the Amsterdam Center for International Law. He contributes to the SHARES Project in terms of internal discussions, writing research papers and participation in conferences. … Read more

Kristen Boon


Kristen Boon was a visiting researcher in the SHARES Project from March to July 2013, where she was working on the concept of ‘effective control’ in international law. Kristen is a Professor of Law at Seton Hall Law School and a Senior Visiting Adviser … Read more

Bérénice Boutin

Bérénice Boutin

Bérénice is a Researcher at the TMC Asser Institute, working on various projects related to counter-terrorism, modern warfare, and international crimes.  Her research interests include general public international law, international responsibility, international human rights, and international humanitarian law. Bérénice was part of … Read more

Gleider Hernández


Gleider Hernández was a visiting researcher in the SHARES Project from March to June 2014. Gleider is a senior lecturer in public international law at Durham University, and a founding Deputy Director of the new Durham Global Policy Institute. For 2014-2015, he is the … Read more

Dov Jacobs


Dov Jacobs is Assistant Professor of International Law at Leiden University. He was part of the SHARES Project as a Postdoctoral Researcher during the first year of the Project, in which he actively contributed by laying down the conceptual basis of … Read more

Francesco Messineo


Francesco Messineo was a visiting researcher in the SHARES Project from May to July 2012. Francesco is a lecturer and researcher at Kent Law School, currently on leave and appointed as an Associate Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice. He … Read more

Annemarieke Vermeer-Künzli


Annemarieke Vermeer-Künzli is Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. She is also affiliated with the SHARES Project, where her research focuses on State Responsibility, and notably concerns the duty of non-recognition of serious violations of peremptory norms, … Read more