Project Members

The SHARES Project is led by André Nollkaemper. The Project Team is further composed of two post-doctoral researchers, seven PhD candidates, one junior researcher, and one project manager.

Project leader

André Nollkaemper


André Nollkaemper is the initiator and director of the SHARES project. He obtained an Advanced Investigator Grant of the European Research Council for this project. André Nollkaemper is Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam, … Read more

Post-doctoral researchers

Maarten den Heijer


Maarten is Assistant Professor of International Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a post-doctoral researcher in the SHARES Project. His research themes include international and European asylum and immigration law, human rights and state responsibility. Maarten holds degrees in … Read more

Ilias Plakokefalos


Ilias is a post-doctoral researcher in the SHARES Project. His research interests include public international law, international environmental law and the law of international responsibility. Ilias holds an LLB from the University of Essex, an LLM from Tulane University and a … Read more

PhD candidates

Christiane Ahlborn


Christiane is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. She is writing her thesis on the topic of responsibility of member states for action in the framework of international organizations. Her research seeks to identify the legal bases to hold member … Read more

Kathryn Greenman


Kathryn is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. Her research focus is on Shared Responsibility under International Law for the Conduct of Non-State Armed Groups. Kathryn has an LLM in Public International Law from the University of Kent and previously worked … Read more

Nienke van der Have


Nienke is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. She conducts research on the prevention of gross human rights violations under international law. Her research seeks to determine to what extent states have a responsibility to prevent gross human rights … Read more

Emma Irving


Emma is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. The topic of her research is shared responsibility under international law for the protection of persons who appear before international criminal tribunals. Emma has a BA in Law from the University of … Read more

Erik Kok


Erik is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. He is writing his thesis on the topic of the concept of and rule on complicity in the international law of state responsibility. He was involved as an associate editor for the … Read more

Nataša Nedeski


Nataša Nedeski is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. She conducts research on the concept of ‘shared obligation’ in international law. Her research aims to uncover how we can understand the relationship between the sharing of an international obligation by … Read more

Isabelle Swerissen


Isabelle is a PhD candidate in the SHARES Project. She is writing her thesis on the topic of the relationship between responsibility allocation arrangements and the protection of refugees. Her research seeks to answer the question if, and under what conditions, states may implement responsibility … Read more

Junior researcher

Jessica Schechinger


Jessica is Junior Researcher in the SHARES Project. Her work includes the overall coordination of the SHARES book series, consisting of several edited volumes. Jessica obtained an LLB in Dutch law and an LLM in public international law, both from Utrecht University. She … Read more

Project manager

Martine van Trigt


Martine is in charge of the management and coordination of externally funded international research projects and the organization of research events in the field of international (criminal) law at the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL). Within the SHARES Project she … Read more