12 June 2012

Amnesty International urges Security Council to take action regarding Sudan

Amnesty International published a report on 7 June 2012, urging the United Nations Security Council to take action regarding the situation in Sudan.

The Security Council ‘must fulfil its duty to protect civilians in Sudan’ and make an end to the current air strikes that are carried out by the Sudanese Armed Forces. China and Russia are called upon to support a stronger response of the Council.

Amnesty calls upon the Security Council to expand the UN arms embargo to cover Sudan entirely, and emphasises the need of access for humanitarian organizations to the affected areas in both Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile state, which is currently denied by the government of Sudan. 

An employee from Amnesty’s advocacy, policy and research department stated the international community has ‘done little to improve the situation on the ground’. The Security Council has done ‘very little’ and knew for months of ‘the full extent of the crimes occurring in South Kordofan’.

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Source: Al Jazeera | Amnesty urges UN to protect Sudan civilians

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