30 September 2013

Kontorovich: EU directly funds settlements occupied Northern Cyprus

In an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, Eugene Kontorovich explains that the European Union knowingly and purposefully provides substantial direct financial assistance to settlements in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus. Kontorovich, professor at Northwestern University School of Law, argues that there is a contradiction between the EU position in regard to the occupied Palestinian territories and occupied territories in Cyprus. Whereas with regard to the former, the EU has stated that international law mandates its guidelines that prevent EU money from benefiting occupied Palestinian territories, with regard to the latter, the EU funds an occupied EU member state, without mentioning any international legal question about such funding.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post | How the EU directly funds settlements in occupied territory

One Response to Kontorovich: EU directly funds settlements occupied Northern Cyprus

  1. jus gentium says:

    The EU should stop funding for all activities taking place in occupied territories, which contravene international law and undermine the peoples right to self-determination!

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