28 January 2014

New publication: Germany shared responsibility for the Armenian genocide

The English edition of The Armenian Genocide: Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916, compiled and edited by Wolfgang Gust, has been released by Berghahn Books.

The book analyses official German diplomatic documents relating to what is referred to as the Armenian genocide. At the time only Germany had the right to report day-by-day in secret code about the ongoing atrocities.

The website of the publisher quotes from the review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of the orginal German edition, as saying that ‘The documents collected here illustrate clearly the shared responsibility of the Kaiserreich, the most important ally of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.’ The Forum Wissenschaft wrote that ‘Wolfgang Gust documents in this excellent political-historical edition from contemporary German sources and the Foreign Office of the Reich government the murderous events themselves (…) as well as the political co-responsibility of the German state.’

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Source: Berghahn books | The Armenian Genocide: Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916 | Compiled and Edited by Wolfgang Gust | Translated from the German | Foreword by Vahakn N. Dadrian | 820 pages | Published December 2013

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