10 February 2014

OHCHR states that both the Syrian government and the opposition forces are guilty of committing war crimes by using civilian suffering

Government forces, pro-government forces and armed opposition groups are employing civilian suffering as a method of warfare by starvation, denying humanitarian relief, targeting civilians, subjecting them to inhumane treatment and committing other human rights violations. This statement, issued by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, is based on the reports of six unpaid independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council. ‘The acts being committed amount to crimes against humanity, carried out as a deliberate and systematic effort to cause civilian suffering. They also constitute war crimes and serious violations of customary international humanitarian law which binds all parties,’ they stated. The rapporteurs urge all parties to stop using civilian suffering as a method for warfare and to ensure immediate humanitarian relief.

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Source: UN News Centre | Both sides in Syria guilty of war crimes in ‘systematic effort to cause civilian suffering’ – UN experts

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