20 June 2013

Op-ed argues that arming Syrian opposition irrational and dangerous

John Glaser, the editor of Antiwar.com, argues in his opinion post released on Al Jazeera that US arming the Syrian opposition risks entangling the US in a brutal and complex civil war.

Providing small arms to the opposition would not tip the scale in favor of the opposition and would instead prolong the stalemate and even push the Assad regime to be more violent, Glaser argues.

More intrusive intervention could even turn into a broader clash with Iran and Hezbollah with potentially dangerous implications for the entire Gulf Region, Glaser notes. Echoing the comments by Tufts Professor Daniel W. Drezner on Foreign Policy on 14 June, that arming the opposition is US realpolitik towards Syria, Glaser reminds his readers of the last time US interests coincided with those of the Saudis: supporting insurgents in Afghanistan in the 1980s, now a textbook example of blowback and unintended consequences.

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Source: Al Jazeera | Sending arms to Syria is irrational and dangerous
Source: Foreign Policy | Why Obama is arming Syria's rebels: it's the realism, stupid.

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