24 January 2014

Security Council calls on member states to deploy peacekeepers in Mali, but stresses primary responsibility of government

Noting that ‘terrorists and other armed groups’ appear to have gained the ability to operate in northern Mali, the United Nations Security Council called in a Presidential Statement on all member states to support the full deployment of UN peacekeepers in the country. It stressed the importance of achieving without further delays the complete operational deployment of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali to stabilise key population centres and protect civilians. However, the Council also noted that the primary responsibility for securing the country rests with the government.

The Mission is to ‘continue to support the re-establishment of State authority throughout the country and the promotion of the rule of law and promotion of human rights,’ the Presidential statement added.

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Source: UN News Centre | Mali: with terrorists regrouping, Security Council urges full deployment of ‘blue helmets’

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