29 August 2013

UK to seek UN authorization for ‘all necessary measures to protect civilians’ in Syria

The BBC reported that the United Kingdom is going to present a resolution to the UN Security Council that would authorise ‘all necessary measures to protect civilians’ in Syria. Foreign Policy reported that the British move, unlikely to win support in the Security Council, is a diplomatic move intended to define the coalition of states that would be willing to strike against Syria.

The move comes after NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters that those responsible for chemical weapons use must be held accountable and that NATO would keep the Syrian situation under close review. According to the NYT, the United States is considering a range of actions against Syria, including missile strikes, designed to ‘deter and degrade’ the ability of the Assad regime to use chemical weapons.

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Source: BBC | Syria crisis: UK puts forward UN proposal
Source: Foreign Policy | Morning Brief: UK Goes to Security Council for Syria Resolution
Source: The New York Times | Obama Weighs ‘Limited’ Strikes Against Syrian Forces
Source: Al Jazeera | NATO vows to 'answer' alleged Syria attack

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