6 March 2014

UN human rights investigators: world powers responsible for allowing war crimes to persist

All sides in the Syrian civil war are committing war crimes and the world powers bear responsibility for allowing these crimes to endure, stated UN human rights investigators on 5 March 2014. Their latest report on atrocities committed in Syria urges the Security Council to refer grave violations of humanitarian law to the International Criminal Court. It said that ‘the Security Council bears responsibility for allowing the warring parties to violate these rules with impunity.’ The independent investigators said that both sides in the conflict have been supported by the disagreeing world powers and that the diplomatic impasse has worsened the atrocities. They stated that not just the fighters and their commanders can be held accountable for the war crimes, but states which transfer arms to Syria as well.

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Source: Reuters | World powers responsible for failing to stop Syria war crimes: U.N.

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