26 September 2014

UNSC: member states called on to cooperate to address threat of foreign terrorist fighters

Responding to an unprecedented flow of foreign terrorist fighters and the growth of facilitation networks fuelling conflicts around the world, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to resolutely address this growing threat to international peace and security.

During a high-level summit, the 15-member body voted unanimously to adopt the text, which calls on member states to cooperate in efforts to address the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters. The resolution decided that member states shall ‘prevent and suppress the recruiting, organizing, transporting or equipping of individuals who travel to a State other than their State of residence or nationality for the purpose of the perpetration, planning or preparation of, or participation in, terrorist acts or the providing or receiving of terrorist training, and the financing of their travel and of their activities…’ It underscored ‘the particular and urgent need to implement this resolution with respect to those foreign terrorist fighters who are associated with ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant], ANF [Al-Nusrah Front] and other cells, affiliates, splinter groups or derivatives of Al-Qaida…’

Among its other provisions, the text urged member states to intensify and accelerate the exchange of operational information regarding actions or movements of terrorists or terrorist networks, including foreign terrorist fighters.

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Source: UN News Centre | Security Council high-level summit tackles growing threat of foreign terrorist fighters

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