23 September 2013

US and NL argue about financial liability for possible nuclear accident in the NL

The Dutch television news programme Brandpunt Reporter revealed a long-standing disagreement between the Netherlands and the United States about the liability of the US in case of a possible accident involving US nuclear weapons that are present on a military base in Volkel, the Netherlands.

The US reportedly has refused to enter into an agreement with the Netherlands concerning the financial consequences of a possible nuclear accident connected to the storage or air transport of US weapons. According to an expert interviewed by the programme, an accident occurring during an air transport is a realistic scenario, since these weapons are being transported regularly.

Brandpunt Reporter also revealed that the US and the Netherlands have set up a working group entitled ‘Netherlands United States Standing Operations Group’ in order to prepare the NL for a possible accident with a US nuclear weapon.

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Source: TV-visie | 'Brandpunt Reporter' over ruzie Nederland en VS rond atoombommen | 11 september 2013 (in Dutch)

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