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The Practice of Shared Responsibility in relation to Internationally Administered Territories

Matthew Saul

This chapter is forthcoming in the third edited volume of the SHARES book series: André Nollkaemper and Ilias Plakokefalos (eds.), The Practice of Shared Responsibility in International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016).


Private Security Companies and Shared Responsibility: The Turn to Multistakeholder Standard-Setting and Monitoring through Self-Regulation-‘Plus’

Sorcha MacLeod

The rapid and increasing outsourcing of security services by states to Private Security Companies (PSCs) in recent years and associated human rights violations have served as one of the catalysts for long overdue regulation of the global PSC industry. As … Read more


Shared Responsibility and Non-State Terrorist Actors

Kimberley Trapp

International law presently addresses the unique challenge to international peace and security posed by trans-national terrorism through two frameworks of responsibility: first, individual criminal responsibility; second, state responsibility. These two frameworks of responsibility are not mutually exclusive and this article … Read more


Armed Opposition Groups and Shared Responsibility

Veronika Bílková

Modern armed conflicts are characterised by numerous interactions between armed opposition groups and other actors (states, international organisations, other non-state actors etc.). Some of these interactions result in harmful outcomes that cannot be easily attributed to a single actor. Issues … Read more


Re-Reading Vitoria: Re-Conceptualising the Responsibility of Rebel Movements

Kathryn Greenman

This article begins with an analysis of the concept of responsibility elaborated in the jurisprudence of Francisco de Vitoria. It is argued that Vitoria’s concept of responsibility plays a central role in his construction of an international legal framework for … Read more

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