Procedural Issues relating to Shared Responsibility in Arbitral Proceedings

Freya Baetens

SHARES Research Paper 18 (2012)

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This article is part of the collection of papers on Procedural Aspects of Shared Responsibility in International Adjudication. Published in (2013) 4(2) Journal of International Dispute Settlement 319-341.

International arbitration is a particularly suitable dispute resolution mechanism for addressing shared responsibility issues, due to its flexible procedural rules allowing for a multitude of parties, including States and non-State actors. This paper analyses six procedural rule-sets (UNCITRAL, PCA, ICSID, ICC, IBA, and the EU special regime) from three angles: firstly, bringing the relevant (co-responsible) parties before the tribunal, including constitution of the tribunal, jurisdiction, and determination of claimant and respondent status. Secondly, handling multi-party disputes in terms of evidence and fact-finding, joinder, and consolidation of proceedings. Thirdly, regarding absent (co-responsible) parties, addressing intervention and the effect of provisional measures and final awards. Most rule-sets provide guidance for most of these issues, with particularly remarkable foresight in the IBA and ICC rules. These are primarily aimed at regulating international commercial arbitration, but can with some modification also be applied in international public arbitration. The key recommendation is for drafters to anticipate shared responsibility claims at the outset by including appropriate procedural rules when the agreement is being negotiated.


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