The Law of International Responsibility and Multilayered Institutional Veils: the Case of Authorized Regional Peace-Enforcement Operations

Jean d'Aspremont

SHARES Research Paper 24 (2013), ACIL 2013-10

➡ Click here to download the paper. Also available on SSRN.

Published in: K. Bannelier (ed.), Aux Confins du Ius ad Bellum et du Ius in Bello (Pedone, 2013).

This short article sheds some light on the difficulties inherent in the application of international responsibility mechanisms to situations of authorized regional uses of force. It shows the extent to which the double institutional veil that characterizes these situations comes to frustrate the applicability of the specific provisions designed by the International Law Commission to address these situations. It argues that the way some of the articles on the responsibility of international organizations operate and their conditions of application create inconclusiveness which make the narratives accompanying these operations and how they are presented determinative of the functioning of the law of responsibility.


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