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21 March 2013

Addressing shared responsibility through the regulation of arms trade

Gun statue at the United Nations in New York © Amnesty International

On Monday 18 March, over 150 states reconvened in New York for the United Nations Final Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which will last until 28 March. The ATT aims to regulate the international trade of conventional weapons, and would require states to establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of conventional weapons. A final ATT will not obstruct the legitimate trade in conventional weapons, but would address illicit and irresponsible international arms trade. The draft ATT that forms the basis for current negotiations was not accepted during the previous UN Conference in July 2012, when negotiating states failed to reach agreement on the treaty text.

In a statement released before the Final Conference, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon declared that ‘It is our collective responsibility to put an end to the inadequate regulation of the global trade in conventional weapons’. (more…)

19 March 2013

UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty starts negotiations

Over 150 states have started negotiations on a draft Arms Trade Treaty, that amongst others seeks to restrict export of arms that would be used to violate international human rights or humanitarian law by other states.

At the opening the Conference, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that ‘We owe this landmark UN treaty to those who have fallen victim to armed conflict and violence, to all the children deprived of a better future, and to all those risking their lives to build peace and make this a better world.’ The UN General Assembly has set 28 March as a deadline for reaching agreement on the treaty.

Source: UN News Centre | UN chief urges consensus on robust arms trade treaty as conference begins
Source: Al Jazeera | UN chief urges approval of arms trade treaty

30 July 2012

Arms Trade Treaty discussed in New York

Negotiations were held in New York from 2-27 July in order to reach an agreement within the United Nations (UN) framework on the regulation of international trade in conventional arms.

The aim of the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is to establish common international standards for import, transfer and export of conventional arms. These international standards can be used to hold those who sell weapons in an irresponsible manner accountable.

Source: UN | UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty