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27 September 2013

UN resolution on small arms: cooperation and information sharing needed to tackle small arms scourge

The UN Security Council, meeting at the ministerial level, voiced its grave concern at the illicit transfer, destabilising accumulation and misuse of light weapons and small arms, that perpetuate conflict and instability worldwide and cause significant loss of life. It adopted a resolution on small arms (by a vote of 14 in favour, with Russia abstaining) and urged the further strengthening of cooperation and information sharing to combat the problem.

Maria Cristina Perceval (permanent representative of Argentina to the UN) stated that it was the international community’s responsibility to put an end to the challenge posed by the illicit trafficking of light weapons and small arms. The essence of real multilateralism was working together in shared responsibility.

The UN Secretary-General furthermore called on states to sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty, the treaty regulating the international trade in conventional arms (e.g. small arms, but also tanks and combat aircrafts).

Source: UN News Centre | Security Council urges strengthened efforts to tackle small arms scourge
Source: United Nations Security Council | 7036th Meeting (PM) | SC/11131 | Security Council adopts first-ever Resolution dedicated to questions of small arms, light weapons | 26 September 2013

4 April 2013

General Assembly approves Arms Trade Treaty

On 2 April the General Assembly voted in favour of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with an overwhelming majority of 154 to 3 with 23 abstentions. The ATT addresses the irresponsible international trade in conventional arms, and prohibits states from authorizing the export of conventional weapons if there is an overriding risk that they could be used to commit or facilitate serious human rights abuses and serious violations of international humanitarian law. The ATT will open for signature on 3 June and enter into force 90 days after being ratified by the fiftieth signatory.

Source: UNGA/11354 | Overwhelming Majority of States in General Assembly Say ‘Yes’ to Arms Trade Treaty to Stave off Irresponsible Transfers that Perpetuate Conflict, Human Suffering
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