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22 January 2014

Ban Ki-moon: Stronger response needed to ‘crisis of epic proportions’ in Central African Republic

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a stronger response to prevent further human suffering in the Central African Republic (CAR), describing it as ‘a crisis of epic proportions’.

Mr. Ban’s deep concern and call for action were echoed by the UN Human Rights Council in a resolution adopted unanimously, which characterised the current situation in CAR as a total breakdown of law and order. The deteriorating security situation has forced one-fifth of the population to flee their homes, and more than half the population now needs humanitarian assistance. Mr. Ban noted that the UN has scaled up its emergency response, but the humanitarian appeal remains woefully underfunded. The UN and its partners urgently require 152 million US dollar to fund an emergency intervention plan, which aims to provide vital relief and protection to 1.2 million people across the country over the next three months. ‘By acting collectively and in unity, we can uphold our responsibility to protect the people of the CAR and help them move from destitution and despair to a more hopeful path’ he said. ‘We must act together – and act now – to pull the CAR back from the brink of further atrocities.’

Source: United Nations | Secratary-General Ban Ki-moon | Latest Statements | Secretary-General's message for Human Rights Council Special Session on Central African Republic [delivered by Mr. Michael Møller, Acting Head of the United Nations Office in Geneva] | Geneva, Switzerland, 20 January 2014
Source: UNOG News | Human Rights Council Concludes Special Session After Appointing Independent Expert On The Central African Republic | 20 January 2014

10 December 2013

French troops deployed in CAR in support of renewed African-led mission

In the midst of inter-religious conflicts and widespread human rights abuses, French troops have been deployed in Central African Republic (CAR) to provide operational support to the new International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA, also referred to as AFISM-CAR).

The MISCA, under the command of the African Union (AU), is replacing and reinforcing the Mission for the consolidation of peace in Central African Republic (MICOPAX) led by the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and launched in 2008. Authority over the forces of the MICOPAX is to be transferred to the MISCA on 19 December 2013, and the mission is expected to be strengthened by additional troops contribution from African states. (more…)

Source: United Nations Security Council | Resolution 2127 (2013) | Adopted by the Security Council at its 7072nd meeting | 5 December 2013
Source: The Guardian | French troops sent into Central African Republic in effort to stop bloodshed
Source: The Independent | US to fly African troops to Central African Republic
Source: European Commission | Press Release | EU commits to funding the African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic

6 December 2013

Security Council authorises increased military action in CAR

The UN Security Council approved the French-sponsored Resolution 2127, which authorises the increase in military action in the Central African Republic (CAR) by French and African troops. The resolution provides for the deployment of African Union forces, known as the International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA), with the authorisation to use ‘appropriate measures’ to protect civilians and restore security. Additionally, French troops are now authorised ‘to take all necessary measures’ to support MISCA. Such mandate will last for a year and MISCA is expected to increase its troops from about 2,500 to 3,500, while French troops will double from the 600 currently present in the CAR.

The Central African Republic, a predominantly Christian country, has been plagued by Muslim-Christian violence after the ousting of President Francois Bozize by Muslim rebels from Chad and Sudan. The violence in the CAR includes waves of killings, torture, and rape that are attributed to the rival armed groups – the Christian Balaka fighters and the Seleka Muslim rebel army. Despite being rich in gold, diamonds, and uranium, the CAR is a poor and unstable country which often suffers from the spillover of conflicts in neighboring countries.

Source: Al Jazeera | UN passes resolution on CAR military action
Source: United Nations Security Council | Resolution 2127 (2013) | Adopted by the Security Council at its 7072nd meeting | 5 December 2013

26 November 2013

Senior UN Official urges UN force to restrain ‘horrific’ situation in the Central African Republic

Citing mounting human rights abuses, sexual violence and other ‘horrors’, Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson called on the international community for immediate action to halt the rapidly deteriorating situation in conflict-wracked Central African Republic (CAR). ‘It is critical for the international community and this Council to act now’, Eliasson told the UN Security Council, proposing that a UN peacekeeping mission eventually replace the current African-led International Support Mission in the CAR.

‘We face a profoundly important test of international solidarity and of our responsibility to prevent atrocities (…) The situation requires prompt and decisive action’ he said, also stressing that humanitarian needs are escalating, while funding is woefully short, with a 195 million dollar appeal less than half funded.

He noted that the African Union and the Economic Community of Central Africa States both agree that there is an urgent need for the international community to act, and that a UN peacekeeping operation with a robust mandate will be eventually required.

Source: United Nations | Secratary-General | Ban Ki-moon | Deputy Secretary-General: Statements | New York, 25 November 2013 - Deputy Secretary-General's Briefing to the Security Council on the Situation in the Central African Republic

27 September 2013

CAR Prime Minister: international community has obligation to provide means for AU-led mission

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister of the Central African Republic (CAR) Nicolas Tiangaye addressed the planned AU-led force to restore peace and stability in his country. He called on the UN to play an increased role and accord the mandate, and the international community to provide the necessary financial, material and logistic support, since ‘the international community has the obligation to provide it with financial, material and logistical means to confront the numerous challenges that my country faces.’

Source: UN News Centre | Central African Republic premier at UN calls for urgent action to end violent conflict

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