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29 May 2015

UN Secretary-General: Europa has collective responsibility to act to address challenge of migration

The UN Secretary-General emphasised the importance of addressing the challenge of migration, in the Mediterranean and in Southeast Asia, in his speech to the European Parliament in Brussels. Around 1,800 had drowned in the Mediterranean this year already, which was a 20-fold increase on 2014. He stressed that ‘Europe has an important role to play and a collective responsibility to act.’ ‘Saving lives should be the top priority’, he said, adding ‘[a]nd while we need to see more effective law enforcement actions against traffickers and smugglers, we also need safer alternatives to dangerous voyages, as well as legal channels such as resettlement, family reunification and work and study visas.’ (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Ban tells European Parliament to work together to address challenge of migration
Source: UNSG | Statement | Secretary-General's remarks to the European Parliament | Brussels | 27 May 2015

28 April 2015

Ban Ki-moon urges collective action to ease plight of migrants crossing Mediterranean

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the global community to unite and take action to address the root causes of the migrant crisis. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Aboard Italian navy ship, Ban urges collective action to ease plight of migrants crossing Mediterranean
Source: UNSG | Statement | Secretary-General’s remarks on board the Italian naval ship the San Giusto | Sicily, Italy, 27 April 2015
Source: UN News Centre | Mediterranean crisis: UN welcomes EU measures on migrants, urges more comprehensive action

12 December 2014

Deputy-Secretary-General underscored collective responsibility to prevent atrocity crimes at launch of new UN tool to prevent atrocity crimes

With much more needing to be done to prevent crises and protect populations at risk of genocide, the Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes offered a route to reaching that vitally important goal, the Deputy-Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said at the tool’s official launch. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | UN launches new tool to help to stop atrocity crimes ‘before tensions escalate’

7 November 2014

UN High Commissioner for Refugees: collective responsibility to bridge the gap between current funding and actual needs

The global humanitarian system has reached its limits in dealing with the upward trend in forced displacement due to mounting pressures from conflicts and persecution around the world, the head of the United Nations refugee agency warned, saying it its our ‘collective responsibility’ to bridge the gap.


Source: UN News Centre | Humanitarian system ‘scrambling’ to meet skyrocketing needs, warns UN refugee agency chief

30 September 2013

Ban Ki-moon: upholding the international rule of law collective responsibility of member states

The Non-Aligned Movement highlighted the importance of cooperation among states in order to strengthen the international rule of law at their Ministerial Meeting on Cooperation for the Rule of Law at the International Level. Speaking at this meeting, UN Secretary-General stated that upholding the rule of law at the international level is the collective responsibility of member states, and said it should be a priority particularly at this moment in time when various conflicts are unfolding around the world.


Source: UN News Centre | At UN, Non-Aligned Movement nations spotlight importance of international rule of law

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