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11 May 2015

Germany limits joint intelligence operations with United States

Germany has decided to limit its cooperation in joint intelligence efforts with the United States. The decision comes in the wake of revelations of US spying on European partners and signals a breach in the long-standing information sharing partnership between the two nations. For the United States, the restriction follows a series of ‘blows’ to its intelligence apparatus which have included reconsideration of its drone programme, a renewal of the Patriot Act, and a recent ruling by the Appeals Court that its practice of surveillance data collection was illegal. (more…)

Source: The New York Times | Germany Limits Cooperation With U.S. Over Data Gathering

1 May 2015

Germany reportedly let the United States spy on France and the European Commission from its territory

The German intelligence agency reportedly let the United States spy on French and European Commission officials from the Bad Aibling spying station in Bavaria. (more…)

Source: EU Observer | Germany spied on France and EU commission: Report
Source: Spiegel | Überwachung: Neue Spionageaffäre erschüttert BND
Source: Sueddeutsche Zeitung | BND half NSA beim Ausspähen von Frankreich und EU-Kommission

8 September 2014

Ten NATO states form coalition to fight the Islamic State

On 5 September, at the conclusion of the NATO summit in Wales, President Obama announced that nine NATO allies have agreed to join the US in order to form a coalition to fight the Islamic State. (more…)

Source: The Guardian | US forms 'core coalition' to fight Isis militants in Iraq
Source: Al Jazeera | US announces coalition to fight Islamic State
Source: New York Times | Obama Enlists 9 Allies to Help in the Battle Against ISIS

25 August 2014

German Foreign Minister states that Berlin has a shared responsibility to support Kurds against ISIS

According to Rudaw, in an interview with German ZDF radio last week, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier said that Berlin had a shared responsibility to support the Kurdish forces in their war against ISIS, adding that Europe cannot be indifferent to the IS advance.

The Kurdish Peshmerga remain the only reliable military force in Iraq after the Iraqi army, faced with the  IS advance that began in June 2014, collapsed. European military support for the Kurds continued to swell on Wednesday 20 August, with Germany, Albania and Italy announcing arms supplies to Peshmerga forces fighting the ISIS armies. They join Britain and France in arms supplies to the Kurds, who are also being backed with US air strikes against the militants and logistical help from Canada.

According to Reuters, Steinmeier said that, besides humanitarian aid and military equipment such as body armor and helmets, “we can also imagine providing further equipment, including weapons” but went on to state that this would take place “in close agreement with our European and international partners (…) in such a way that it boosts the Peshmerga’s ability to defend themselves.”

Source: Rudaw | European Nations Boost Arms Supplies, Military Support to Kurds
Source: Reuters | Germany, Italy say prepared to send weapons to Iraq's Kurds
Source: Rudaw | Germany Joins Countries Arming Kurdish Peshmerga Forces

27 April 2014

Mentally ill asylum seeker denied psychiatric help and commits suicide in the Netherlands

On 23 April 2014, it was reported that an Armenian asylum seeker committed suicide in the Netherlands last December. He was due to be reported to Germany pursuant to the Dublin Regulation.

He was under the supervision of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service, who were aware that he had serious psychiatric problems. However, he was not given specialist help since he fell under the Dublin Regulation, according to which Germany was responsible for him.

The Dublin Regulation stipulates that asylum seekers must request refugee status in the first member state of the European Union in which they arrive.

Source: NRC | Asielzoeker die onder toezicht overheid stond, pleegde zelfmoord

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