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12 November 2013

UNHCR encourages cooperation among countries affected by mixed migration

Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said the UNHCR is encouraging cooperation among countries affected by mixed migration, and is supporting the Yemeni government to organise a conference next week on asylum and migration together with the International Organization for Migration.

This three-day conference will take place in Sana’a, with participants from governments from the Horn of Africa, Gulf states, donor countries, non-governmental organisations, and institutions such as the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat.

According to Mr. Edwards, ‘the aim of the Yemen conference is to establish a regional plan to help manage mixed migration between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula’.

Source: UNHCR | More than 62,000 people, mostly Ethiopians, risk lives to cross Gulf of Aden this year

16 May 2012

EU Naval Force extends operations to Somali costline

Following the decision taken on 23 March 2012 by the Council of the European Union to allow the EU Naval Force to take disruptive action against known pirate supplies on the shore, EU forces destroyed pirate equipment on the Somali coastline. The EU’s ATALANTA mission at the Horn of Africa has been in the headlines regarding trials against captured Somali pirates in several domestic courts across Europe.

Source: EU NAVFOR | EU Naval Force Delivers Blow Against Somali Pirates On Shoreline