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10 March 2015

Security Council responds to calls for continued international support in Libya, extends mandate for the UN Mission

The United Nations Security Council extended the mandate for the UN mission to Libya, determining that the conflict remains a threat to international peace and security. Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter the Council voted unanimously for the extension which secures the continued presence of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). The mission will continue to be led by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Bernardino León, and will remain ‘in full accordance with the principles of Libyan national ownership’. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Security Council extends mandate for UN political mission in Libya through March 2015
Source: UN News Centre | Libya crisis ‘festering,’ UN envoy warns, urging decisive action to build national unity

8 February 2015

The chaos in Libya is also the responsibility of Europe

In December 2014, the United Nations reported that in the previous months hundreds of civilians had been killed in the struggle between armed militias in Libya, and that the acts of the militias might amount to crimes against humanity. It seems like a déjà vu. In February 2011, a popular uprising started in Libya and was brutally repressed by the regime of Colonel Qadhafi, who was eventually charged with committing crimes against humanity. The UN Security Council decided to authorize the use of military force on humanitarian grounds, in order to protect civilians. The ensuing NATO operation, which lasted from March to October 2011, resulted in the fall of the Qadhafi regime and in the establishment of a transitional government, which pledged full respect for human rights and international law. So, what has gone wrong – and what responsibility does the international community carry? (more…)

27 August 2014

Egypt and U.A.E. strike in Libya leaving the Obama administration on the sides

The New York Times reports that according to senior U.S. officials, in a regional power struggle set off by Arab Spring revolts, Egypt and The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) have launched two series of airstrikes against Islamist-allied militias in a bid for control over Tripoli, Libya. The first strikes took place on the 18th of August before dawn, with the second being launched on Saturday the 25th . (more…)

Source: The New York Times | Arab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising U.S.
Source: The Washington Post | Egypt and UAE strike Islamist militias in Libya

20 March 2014

US takes over oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels, sailing under North Korean flag

U.S. Navy Seals have taken over an oil tanker that was seized by Libyan rebels who fled from a rebel-controlled Libyan port and managed to escape the Libyan authorities. There were no casualties during the operation, which took place in international waters off of Cyprus on the night of 16 March. According to the Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby, the seizure was authorised by the U.S. President Obama and requested by the Libyan and Cypriot governments. He stated that ‘[t]he Morning Glory is carrying a cargo of oil owned by the Libyan government National Oil Company. The ship and its cargo were illicitly obtained from the Libyan port of Es Sider.’ (more…)

Source: Reuters | U.S. forces seize tanker carrying oil from Libya rebel port
Source: The Guardian | US navy Seals take over oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels
Source: Reuters | Libyan port rebels say U.S. seizure of oil tanker act of piracy
Source: Reuters | Oil in seized tanker belongs to Libya's east: rebel leader

12 March 2014

UN envoys: Libya primary source for illicit arms, urgent need for assistance due to increased violence

International assistance is essential to helping Libya through its democratic transition, said Tarek Mitri, the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), in a statement to the Security Council on 10 March 2014. According to Mitri, there has been a ‘dramatic’ increase in violence over the past three months and ‘while the primary responsibility for reining in the perpetrators of this ugly campaign of terror lies with the State, this will only be possible with the concerted efforts by the Government, political, civic and revolutionary forces, aiming at the protection of the civilian population.’ Mitri said that the Libyan people expect the international community to help them with the difficult task of reconstructing the state. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | UN envoy stresses need for support as Libya risks facing ‘unprecedented violence’
Source: Reuters | Libya key source for illicit arms, fuelling conflicts - U.N. envoy

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