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17 April 2013

China exerts influence on Nepal to crack down Tibetan political activities

The New York Times reports that Chinese officials are seeking to enlist the help of the Nepalese authorities in cracking down on the political activities of the 20.000 Tibetans in Nepal. China is exerting its influence across Nepal in a variety of ways, mostly involving financial incentives. In Mustang, China is providing 50.000 US dollars in annual food aid and sending military officials across the border to discuss with local Nepalese what the ceremonial prince of Mustang calls ‘border security.’ Nepalese police regularly detains Tibetans during anti-China protests in Katmandu, and have curbed celebrations of the birthday of the Dalai Lama.

Source: The New York Times | China Makes Inroads in Nepal, and Stanches Tibetan Influx

10 April 2012

Concerns over India rivers order

An order of the Supreme Court of India has instructed the Indian government to proceed with a, long delayed, plan to link more than 30 rivers and divert the waters to areas that are water-stressed. If the project materializes it could have significant impact on Bangladesh, a downstream state. The project could benefit from the building of dams and reservoirs both in Nepal and/or Bhutan, two upstream states. Bangladeshi and Nepalese authorities claim that they have not been consulted with as yet while Bhutan claims that it has not appraised the project.

Source: BBC | Concerns over India rivers order