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23 June 2015

SHARES collection of articles on Organised Non-State Actors published in NILR

The collection of articles on Organised Non-State Actors (edited by Jean d’Aspremont, André Nollkaemper, Ilias Plakokefalos and Cedric Ryngaert) has been published in: (2015) 62 Netherlands International Law Review 49-160. The collection was organised with support of the research project on Shared Responsibility in International Law (SHARES) at the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) of the University of Amsterdam, the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law, and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies. A SHARES/UU/KU Leuven Seminar on ‘Shared Responsibility and Organised Non-State Actors’ was held in Utrecht on 13 December 2013. (more…)

Source: Springer Link | Netherlands International Law Review | Volume 62, Issue 1, April 2015


Shared Responsibility and Non-State Terrorist Actors

Kimberley Trapp

International law presently addresses the unique challenge to international peace and security posed by trans-national terrorism through two frameworks of responsibility: first, individual criminal responsibility; second, state responsibility. These two frameworks of responsibility are not mutually exclusive and this article … Read more

13 December 2013

SHARES/UU/KU Leuven Seminar on Shared Responsibility and Organised Non-State Actors

On Friday 13 December, the seminar ‘Shared Responsibility and Organised Non-State Actors’ will be held in Utrecht.

The seminar seeks to address the problem that while organised non-state actors (ONSAs) may cause harm in conjunction with states, international organisations and/or other ONSAs, international law does not provide for a clear concept of (shared) responsibility of ONSAs.

The aim of the seminar is threefold: first, to discuss whether the absence of established concepts and principles relating to shared responsibility of ONSAs is problematic; second, to identify patterns in practice that may allow for ONSAs to be held co-responsible; and third, to reflect on conceptual grounds and consequences of this type of co-responsibility for the law on international responsibility as a whole. (more…)

12 January 2013

Call for papers: Consequences of the Responsibility of Non-State Actors in International Law

A call for papers has been issued for a conference on the Consequences of the Responsibility of Non-State Actors in International Law, which will be held on 27-28 June 2013 in Vancouver.

Source: Call for Papers: Consequences of the Responsibility of Non-State Actors in International Law

28 June 2012

Cyber warfare: some questions of shared responsibility

During the past weeks several reports have emerged revealing details on one of the gravest cyber-attacks that have taken place, the Flame malware. It has been suggested that Flame has been co-sponsored by the same State or States that had launched Stuxnet, even though the head of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) of the UN has stated that this is mere speculation, Stuxnet being the virus that had targeted the Iranian nuclear programme. Flame has been used to attack computers and network systems across the Middle East. The malware exploited a flaw in the Windows operating system in order to map and monitor the targeted computers. The situation provoked a reaction by the ITU, which stressed the need for co-operation among states in addressing the problems arising out of the growing use of networks to infiltrate and cause damage to systems across the world. (more…)