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5 June 2014

Pepsi and Coca-Cola issue new policies on land grabs; NGOs say action by states required

After a critical report by Oxfam last year, two world players in the sugar industry – Coca-Cola and Pepsi – have published new policies on land grabs by their suppliers. In March 2014, Pepsi announced ‘a land policy with zero tolerance for illegal activities in our supply chain and for land displacements of any legitimate land tenure holders’. Coca-Cola made a similar announcement late last year. (more…)

Source: The Guardian | Can Pepsi and Coke end land grabs for sugar?

20 September 2013

Donor countries failing to contribute their fair share in response to Syria crisis

A report published by international aid agency Oxfam reveals that many donor countries, including France, Qatar and Russia, are failing to provide their fair share of funding urgently needed to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The report calculates the level of funds expected from each donor based on a country’s Gross National Income and its overall wealth.

The UN’s five billion dollar appeal for Syria remains only forty-four per cent funded, and funding gaps are already affecting the ability of organisations to respond to humanitarian needs in the Syria crisis.

Source: BBC | Syris conflict: Oxfam highlights appeal donation 'failings'
Source: Al Jazeera | Report: Donor countries failing Syrians
Source: Oxfam International | Top donor countries failing ordinary Syrians affected by the conflict with Syria appeals falling short by US$2.7bn