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28 January 2015

US and international partners to establish training sites for Syrian opposition

On 23 January, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated that US troops will soon be dispatched in order to establish training sites for the Syrian opposition. He is quoted as stating that: ‘We’ve said, though, we know how to do this and we’re not going to do it just alone (…) We’re going to do it with our interagency and international partners, people who know these groups.’

Pentagon spokeswomen Elisa Smith said: ‘Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have agreed to host training sites, and we anticipate the program to train and equip the moderate Syrian opposition will take approximately 400 U.S. trainers, with the caveat that this number could fluctuate based on course load, course requirements and other variables.’

Source: U.S. Department of Defense | U.S. Troops to Begin Establishing Syrian Opposition Training Sites
Source: The Washington Times | U.S. is sending 400 troops to train Syrian fighters against Islamic State

26 September 2014

Amir of Qatar: UNSC must ‘shoulder its legal and humanitarian responsibility and support the Syrian people’

‘It is imperative for the international community to work hard to put an end to the bloodshed and the systematic destruction of Syria by a regime that has put its people between a rock and a hard place to choose between accepting its presence at the helm or burning down their country’, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Amir of Qatar, told the UNGA. The Qatari leader reiterated his call on the Security Council to ‘shoulder its legal and humanitarian responsibility and support the Syrian people’ against terrorism and genocide. (more…)

Source: UN News | Mid-east, Gulf leaders strive for international response to terrorism in Syria

23 September 2014

Pentagon: US and partners begin airstrikes in Syria

The United States and five Arab countries launched airstrikes on 22 September on Islamic State group targets in Syria. The airstrikes were conducted by the US, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. (more…)

Source: ABC News | Pentagon: US, Partners Begin Airstrikes in Syria

20 September 2013

Donor countries failing to contribute their fair share in response to Syria crisis

A report published by international aid agency Oxfam reveals that many donor countries, including France, Qatar and Russia, are failing to provide their fair share of funding urgently needed to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The report calculates the level of funds expected from each donor based on a country’s Gross National Income and its overall wealth.

The UN’s five billion dollar appeal for Syria remains only forty-four per cent funded, and funding gaps are already affecting the ability of organisations to respond to humanitarian needs in the Syria crisis.

Source: BBC | Syris conflict: Oxfam highlights appeal donation 'failings'
Source: Al Jazeera | Report: Donor countries failing Syrians
Source: Oxfam International | Top donor countries failing ordinary Syrians affected by the conflict with Syria appeals falling short by US$2.7bn

13 August 2013

NYT: Sudan supplies weapons to Syrian opposition

The New York Times reported that Sudan has provided weapons for the Syrian rebels, adding yet another layer to the unregistered multinational arms pipeline supplying the opposition forces first reported by the NYT in June.

According to Western officials and Syrian rebels, the Sudanese government sold  anti-aircraft missiles and small arms cartridges to Qatar in publically unacknowledged deals, and Qatar arranged for them to be delivered to the Syrian opposition forces through Turkey. Sudan, that maintains close ties with Iran and China, has reportedly denied sending weapons to the opposition forces.

Source: The New York Times | Arms Shipments Seen From Sudan to Syria Rebels

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