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3 June 2014

Obama pledges to support moderate Syrian rebels

On 28 May, at the United States Military Academy at West Point, president Barack Obama pledged to build up military support with equipment and training to moderate Syrian rebel groups. The proposal still needs to be approved by Congress, but a senior administration official said that ‘what we’re saying today … is not only do we want to continue to increase the assistance that we provide to the Syrian opposition, but we do want to have this discussion with Congress about the potential for there to be a role for the US military in that effort.’ (more…)

Source: Reuters | U.S. pledge of support for Syria's moderate rebels in early stages – official
Source: The Guardian | US nears decision on training Syrian rebels
Source: The Wall Street Journal | Obama Close to Authorizing Military Training of Syrian Rebels

8 January 2014

The Saudis support Syrian rebels

The New York Times reports that Saudi Arabia, which supports the ousting of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, has become the main backer of the Syrian rebels, even when these include Islamists who fight alongside militants loyal to Al Qaeda. Also, at least a thousand of Saudies have travelled to Syria to fight with rebel forces. Even though Saudi Arabia officially bans their citizens from going to Syria for jihad, this ban is not enforced.

Source: The New York Times | Saudis Back Syrian Rebels Despite Risks

13 September 2013

CIA and US State Department deliver aid to Syrian rebels

The Washington Post reported that in the last few weeks, the CIA has started delivering (light) weapons to rebels in Syria, mainly in order to support fighters that are under the command of General Idriss, the commander of the Supreme Military Council. Separate deliveries (e.g. vehicles) have been made by the State Department. Aid in the form of nonlethal gear (e.g. medical kits and communications equipment) has also been delivered to the Syrian rebels.

Source: The Washington Post | U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels

14 June 2013

US to provide military aid to Syrian opposition

The US is going to provide direct military aid to the Syrian opposition, the White House announced on Thursday 13 June after having concluded that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. The announcement comes after repeated statements by the Obama administration that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and violate international norms.

The details of the aid to be provided were not revealed, but officials were reported saying small arms, ammunition and anti-tank weapons could be included. According to the deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, the US is going to proceed on its own timeline but will take up the issue with allies in next week’s G8 summit. The US has previously said it preferred an endorsement by the UN on further action, but has suggested it’s decision would not depend on it.

Source: BBC | US says it will give military aid to Syria rebels
Source: The Guardian | US says it will arm Syrian rebels following chemical weapons tests
Source: Al Jazeera | US offers 'military support' to Syrian rebels
Source: El País | EE UU anuncia ayuda militar para los rebeldes sirios

14 March 2013

France and UK ready to arm Syrian rebels

France and the United Kingdom made announcements that the two States were considering bypassing the European Union (EU) arms embargo in order to arm Syrian rebels. The EU is set to discuss its embargo again in May.

Source: BBC | France, UK 'may bust Syria arms ban'

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