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28 August 2013

Vietnam launches campaign to reduce rhino horn demand

The Vietnamese CITES Management Authority and Humane Society International announced the launching of a public awareness raising campaign aimed at reducing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam where rhino horn is used for traditional Asian medicine.

Vietnam is considered by the Conference of the Parties of CITES to be the principal consumer country for rhino horn originating mainly from South Africa where more than 580 rhinos have been poached this year. In connection with the launching, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development emphasised the importance of international cooperation as a crucial element in addressing conservation of endangered wildlife.

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5 August 2013

Czech authorities crack international rhino horn smuggling ring

According to news reports, Czech authorities announced on 23 July that they had uncovered an international gang responsible for illegally smuggling white rhinoceros horn from South Africa to Asia, where rhino horn is used in traditional medicine.

According to Czech authorities, the crime syndicate had links to pseudo-hunting in South Africa whereby legislation allowing for non-commercial hunting trophies is exploited by proxy-hunters in order to legally repatriate trophy horns to the Czech Republic and illegally trade them further to unspecified Asian countries. The uncovering comes after concerns were raised earlier this year over the recruitment of sport hunters in the Czech Republic and Poland in order to obtain rhino horn in South Africa on behalf of Vietnamese operatives.

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