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11 November 2013

Chinese Foreign Ministry says it is a shared responsibility to resume nuclear negotiations with North Korea

The Chinese Foreign Ministry urges states to come back to the negotiating table, after the six-party talks between North and South Korea, China, the US, Russia, and Japan stalled in 2009. Since the end of talks, North Korea has conducted to nuclear tests and China has been lobbying to reopen negotiations in order to ensure security of the Korean Peninsula. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, stated ‘there’s a common interest and shared responsibility to find a resolution to the impasse.’

Source: UPI | China presses for talks with North Korea

4 October 2013

United States and Japan agree to broaden their security alliance

The United States and Japan have concluded an agreement to broaden their security alliance. The agreement expands Japan’s role in the region, while affirming the US’ determination to remain a dominant presence in the region. It provides a basis for positioning surveillance drones, as well as navy reconnaissance planes, which will be used to patrol waters in the region, including those around disputed islands. Japan will expand assistance to Southeast Asian countries to help them resist Chinese territorial claims. The agreement also calls for trilateral cooperation between the United States, South Korea and Japan to face common threats, like North Korea’s nuclear programme.

Source: The New York TImes | U.S. and Japan Agree to Broaden Military Alliance

16 March 2013

North Korea accuses US and allies of major cyber attacks

North Korea has accused the United States (US) and its allies of carrying out ‘intensive and persistent’ cyber attacks on its official websites. These accusations come at a time of increased tensions between North Korea on the one hand and South Korea and the US on the other, and only a few days after the start of the annual joint military drills by the US and South Korea.

Source: BBC | North Korea says US 'behind hack attack'
Source: Reuters | RPT-North Korea accuses U.S. of cyber attack "sabotage"

11 March 2013

Joint military exercises by US and South Korea

The United States (US) and South Korea have begun their annual joint military drills. The US-South Korea joint drills, which are known as ‘Key Resolve’ involve more than 13,000 troops and last two weeks. Another joint exercise, known as ‘Foal Eagle’, is happening since the beginning of March. Both exercises take place every year, usually prompting strong reactions from North Korea.

Source: BBC | US-South Korea drills begin amid North Korea tensions