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Sharing Responsibility Between Non-State Actors and States in International Law: Introduction

Jean d'Aspremont, André Nollkaemper, Ilias Plakokefalos and Cedric Ryngaert

There exists a range of situations where non-state actors and states can possibly share responsibility for their contribution to harmful outcomes, thereby raising a multitude of questions on the determination, content and implementation of responsibility in such a scenario. It … Read more


Private Security Companies and Shared Responsibility: The Turn to Multistakeholder Standard-Setting and Monitoring through Self-Regulation-‘Plus’

Sorcha MacLeod

The rapid and increasing outsourcing of security services by states to Private Security Companies (PSCs) in recent years and associated human rights violations have served as one of the catalysts for long overdue regulation of the global PSC industry. As … Read more


Armed Opposition Groups and Shared Responsibility

Veronika Bílková

Modern armed conflicts are characterised by numerous interactions between armed opposition groups and other actors (states, international organisations, other non-state actors etc.). Some of these interactions result in harmful outcomes that cannot be easily attributed to a single actor. Issues … Read more


Shared Responsibility and Multinational Enterprises

Markos Karavias

The relationship between public international law and multinational enterprises (MNEs) has over the last decades emerged as one of the most hotly debated topics in theory and practice. Arguments have often been voiced for the creation of international law obligations … Read more