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22 January 2015

Edward Snowden: Dutch security agencies ‘work for the US’

According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Dutch security agencies AIVD and MIVD do whatever the United States security agency NSA tells them to do. Snowden, who worked for both the NSA and CIA, said that the Dutch agencies are regarded as ‘subordinate’. ‘The Dutch work for the Americans. They do what they are told,’ he said, and ‘[t]hey are not valued in terms of their capacities but for the access they offer. The NSA uses this.’ (more…)

Source: DutchNews.nl | Dutch security services ‘work for the US’, says whistleblower Snowden

14 November 2013

The Netherlands taken to court over links with the NSA

An alliance of organisations and citizens, among others the Dutch Association of Defense Counsels, the Dutch Association of Journalists, the Internet Society Netherlands Chapter and Privacy First Foundation initiated legal proceedings against the Dutch state, demanding Dutch intelligent services to stop using United States National Security Agency (NSA) data.

The alliance said it is asking the Hague District Court on 27 November to ban the government from using intelligence data gathered by the NSA, using surveillance techniques that breach Dutch privacy laws. The case has been spurred by revelations that Dutch intelligence agencies have exchanged information with overseas agencies, including the NSA. Minister Plasterk confirmed that the NSA had collected information about 1.8 million Dutch phone calls in one month last year and acknowledged that the Dutch Intelligence Agency had supplied information to the NSA and vice versa.

Source: Miami Herald | Dutch government taken to court over NSA links
Source: Xinhua | Dutch Minister Plasterk sued over NSA spying

26 February 2013

US builds drone base in Niger

President Obama has announced last Friday that about 100 American troops were sent to Niger to help set up a new base from which drones would conduct surveillance in the region. Niger has signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States (US) that has cleared the way for greater American military involvement in the country, and has provided legal protection to American troops there. The US troops would support the French-led operation in Mali.

Source: The New York Times | New Drone Base in Niger Builds U.S. Presence in Africa

30 January 2013

US signs deal with Niger to operate military drones on its soil

The United States (US) has concluded an agreement with Niger, allowing it to use surveillance drones in the West African country, in order to increase surveillance missions on Islamist extremist groups. The Guardian reports that it is believed that the US only currently desires unarmed surveillance drones to be deployed to Niger, but the agreement could pave the way for armed drones in the future.

Source: The Guardian | US signs deal with Niger to operate military drones in west African state