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21 March 2015

US empower and fund militia as part of exit strategy in Afghanistan

The New York Times has reported militias, paramilitary forces and warlords are now prevalent in Afghanistan. These groups were created as part of the United States’ exit strategy, with varying support and US involvement. (more…)

Source: The New York Times | Afghan Militia Leaders, Empowered by U.S. to Fight Taliban, Inspire Fear in Villages

20 June 2014

Pakistani officials label recent CIA drone attacks against Taliban hideouts as a ‘Joint Pakistan-U.S. operation’

In an interview with Reuters, a top Pakistani government official stated that two recent drone attacks that were conducted by the CIA in the area of North Waziristan were deployed ‘with the express approval of the Pakistan government and army’. The government official remained unnamed at his own request as, according to Reuters, he was not permitted to discuss the matter with the media. (more…)

Source: The New York Times | U.S. Drone Hits Pakistan for 2nd Time in 12 Hours
Source: The Times of India | After lull, US drone strikes kill 13 in Pakistan

26 August 2013

Karzai calls for a joint Afghan-Pakistani campaign against terrorism

According to Al Jazeera, the Afghan president Hamid Karzai made a plea for a joint anti-terrorism campaign with Pakistan during his one-day visit with the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

President Karzai told journalists that the two countries should launch a joint campaign against ‘the menace of terrorism’. The President has previously urged Pakistan to help Afghanistan defeat fighters who he says are destabilizing both countries. The Afghan government considers Taliban safe havens in Pakistan to be the main cause of increased violence. During Karzai’s visit, the Pakistani Prime Minister called for constructive dialogue to improve bilateral relations, but reportedly did not comment on the joint campaign initiative.

Source: Al Jazeera | Karzai seeks Pakistan's help during visit

14 April 2013

Eleven children killed in a NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan

Officials and witnesses say eleven children have been killed in a NATO air strike in the Shigal district, in the Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan. The strikes were called in to support a major operation by US and Afghan government forces targeting senior Taliban commanders and a local weapons cache. The NATO-led International Security Assistant Force (ISAF) said: ‘The air support was called in by coalition forces – not Afghans’. A statement issued on behalf of President Karzai strongly condemned the NATO attack, and ‘military operations in residential areas that cause civilian deaths’.

Source: BBC | Afghan children 'killed by Nato air strike in Shigal'

10 April 2013

US carried out its first drone killing at the request of Pakistan, in exchange for access to airspace

The New York Times reports that the first person killed by a US drone attack, in 2004, was victim of a secret deal, under which the C.I.A. had agreed to kill him at the request of Pakistan. The victim, Mr. Muhammad, was not a top operative of Al Qaeda, but a Pakistani ally of the Taliban who led a tribal rebellion and was marked by Pakistan as an enemy of the state. The C.I.A. agreed to kill him in exchange for access to airspace it had long sought, in order to be able to use drones to hunt down its own enemies.

Source: The New York Times | A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood

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