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5 March 2014

US attempts to balance its military involvement in Africa and its budget

While the US military involvement in Africa, Niger in particular, seeks to combat Islamist militants, the government does not want to put a lot of soldiers and money into the African region. Therefore, the Obama administration focuses their involvement on training and advising African troops, and providing assistance to European allies that have forces in the region as well. Part of the US mission in Niger is to train African troops to conduct combat patrols and how to foil terrorist ambushes, however, the US also helped organise a medical clinic in a nearby village. The US has spent USD 33 million in the past two years on building Niger’s counterterrorism abilities and providing equipment. Additionally, the US mission also focuses on assisting its European allies in the region, for example, the US has provided intelligence to France, which has soldiers in Mali. (more…)

Source: The New York Times | U.S. Takes Training Role in Africa as Threats Grow and Budgets Shrink

12 March 2013

US, French and British troops train Syrian rebels in Jordan

According to news reports, United States (US), French and British troops train Syrian rebels in the east and south of Jordan. While the Pentagon had already confirmed in October 2012 that US special forces and military advisers had trained select Syrian rebels together with the Jordanian military in the summer of 2012, the British and French Defense Ministries have not yet commented on their involvement in the training activities. In a statement made on 6 March 2013, however, British Foreign Minister William Hague revealed a wide understanding of the EU arms embargo against Syria, explaining that ‘technical assistance can include assistance, advice and training on how to maintain security in areas no longer controlled by the regime, on co-ordination between civilian and military councils, on how to protect civilians and minimize the risks to them, and how to maintain security during a transition’.

Source: The Guardian | West training Syrian rebels in Jordan
Source: RT | US, UK and France training Syrian rebels in Jordan - reports
Source: Der Spiegel | US-Unterstützung im Bürgerkrieg: Heimliches Waffentraining für Syriens Rebellen (in German)